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Dumkuli, India
December 21, 2022
People like Dangini

Dangini is a wife and mother of two sons. Before her community received sustainable water points, her region struggled with high rates of diarrheal and skin diseases. Many families didn’t have their own latrines for safe hygiene practices, leading to contamination of available groundwater. Danigini reported, “We had to wake up at 5am and walk over half a mile to use the bathroom.” Most of her time was spent collecting water, which was especially dangerous during the rainy season. After investing in a piped system with household water points, everything changed. Finally, women had time to thrive; some even planted gardens. “We are grateful to have water in our homes,” said Dangini.

Clean water brings health to communities once weakened by disease, gives children access to the education they deserve, and restores families’ hope in the future through economic empowerment. Promise Hill Project is honored to have been able to contribute to such an impactful and ongoing water project. 

Dallas, Texas, USA
November 13, 2022

Promise Hill Project was both honored and humbled to support the young ladies and women of Navajo Nation by donating 2426 period products!

Thank you to World Vision for allowing us to transport these products to Navajo Nation on your trucks!

Thank you to our donors for making this giving opportunity possible!

Together, we impact females daily lives for the better!

Dallas, Texas, USA
September 8, 2022
Nicole and Lisa: Life on the streets for females in Dallas Texas

Nicole and Lisa are best friends, and are accustomed to living life on the streets in Dallas, Texas. Their daily challenges are more than most of us can even begin to imagine.

Nicole and Lisa’s experiences with some shelters have led them to feel safer living on the streets. With their futures being uncertain, they feel they have no where to turn but to each other.

Promise Hill Project strives to provide equal access to basic human needs and the opportunity to thrive within their communities.

*We are thrilled to partner with Gympire, a provider of premium fitness wear and gear, to provide clothing to the homeless we serve. We thank you, Gympire!

Dallas, Texas, USA
July 25, 2022
Extreme heat takes lives

Clean drinking water saves lives!

Promise Hill Project was proud to donate 2080 bottles of water to Dallas Life Shelter, serving the homeless in need throughout extended periods of extreme temperatures.

Dallas, Texas, USA
May 31, 2022
Kaleb Gibson: Singer/Songwriter

The folks at Promise Hill Project go directly into homeless communities throughout Dallas to provide basic needs of life such as toiletries, food and water.

On this day, we were fortunate enough to meet the most talented Kaleb Gibson. Kaleb has mastered his singing and songwriting skills in order to make small money to get through each day. We wish Kaleb only the best as he travels on through the streets of Dallas.

Marengo, Kenya
August 6, 2022
Teenage Outreach Session 6

This outreach was the sixth of the series this year and the second one for both boys and girls. It was held in Retreat School Majengo. A total of 30 participants attended this activity. The weather was perfect for the first time. The school was picked because it is central and accessible to the road (easy to find). We had a spacious room and quiet space to conduct our activity. It was a joint activity with children from different schools and towns. It was vibrant, full of laughter and eager learning.

Promise Hill Project provided lunch and fresh fruit juice (passion, avocado and mango) and bottled water. Lunch was plenty and accessible this time because were near Mtwapa. Large plates of pilau and biryani were much appreciated.

Promise Hill Project distributed period products to 15 girls and one weeks worth of underwear to 11 girls. The delight on their faces was amazing!

The introduction to mental health slightly differed and started with a translation of what mind, body, heart and soul are in Kiswahili. This was followed by attaching the functions to each including emotional/ heart, physical/body, mental/mind and spiritual /soul. Other terms that followed were:

  • Self-awareness and Self-concept
  • Social and social awareness
  • Security and safety
Matsangoni, Bahari
July 23, 2022
Teenage Outreach Session 5

This outreach was the fifth of the series this year. It was held in Matsangoni primary school on a Saturday. Promise Hill Project provided food, and a large supply of period products to each girl. The girls and 3 of their teachers were present for the discussion as required by the school. This was the third in a rural setting. The discussion began with an introduction of 15 participants who all were between the ages of 13-16years using the ball game. The activity was also the smoothest flowing so far because of more experience facilitating the handout with different groups of girls.

The event culminated in the giving of period hygiene products to 15 girls. There was an offer for the small packs and therfore we bought an extra pack therefore giving a supply of 3 cycles.The importance of period products in areas like this cannot be emphasised enough; it supports class/ school attendance during period days and inreases self esteem among girls of this age.

The introduction to mental health slightly differed and started with a translation of what mind, body, heart and soul are in Kiswahili. This was followed by attaching the functions to each including emotional/ heart, physical/body, mental/mind and spiritual /soul. Other terms that followed were:

  • Self-awareness and Self-concept
  • Social and social awareness
  • Security and safety

The methodology this time included group discussions for the 5 functions (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and social). The groups the presented their findings in plenary. We also practically tried breathing exercises and meditation. The session also included many ice breakers to keep the girls at attention since they have to take in a lot of information.

Takaungu, Kenya
June 25, 2022
Teenage Outreach Session 4

This outreach was the fourth of the series this year. It was held in Takaungu primary school. The girls and one of their teachers were present for the discussion, as required by the school. This was the second in a rural setting. Promise Hill Project distributed food, one weeks worth of underwear per girl and period products.

The girls were jovial and participated a lot. Most of them were from very poor homes. They didn’t have access to television or phones, therefore our lines of discussion were more towards rural setting challenges. The discussion began with an introduction of 15 participants who were between the ages of 12-15years. The activity had been planned keeping in mind the weather was rainy and cold, therefore sufficient indoor exercises had been prepared. Methodology used included plenary discussions, enacting scenarios and practical trials of skills like breathing, decision making etc.

There are always those who really enjoy the sessions and learn the most and there are those few who do not grasp the concept until towards the end of the discussion. The more rural we go, the more creative we have to be in getting the girls to talk about their emotions, which is not encouraged generally in the rural African cultures, especially towards women and girls. Mental health issues begin with opening up to self and others about ones feelings and experiences, and speaking up about fears, traumas and areas one may need help to navigate.

Tezo, Kilifi
May 31, 2022
Teenage Outreach Session 3

The outreach titled above was the third of the series this year. This was the first to be done in a rural setting. Participants were between the ages of 12-18years old. The venue of the outreach was BUSTANI BORA primary school in Tezo, Kilifi.

As always, Promise Hill Project provided participants with plenty of fresh mango fruit juice, drinking water and lunch which consisted of chips and sausages; keeping their energy up!

The session was made interesting by use of practical exercises from the handout. The girls learned breathing exercises to help with dealing with emotions like anxiety, fear and anger. They also had the feeling meter exercise- where one holds the ball and says how they feel ‘today’ and can share why or choose not to.

Participants were then given tasks to do over the next four weeks and to fill out the handout while they self-search. Some of the tasks included:

  • What are my triggers:
  • What are my strengths:
  • My goals are:
  • Emotions I struggle with the most include:
  • Ways I can deal with my emotions include:
Mtwapa, Kikambala
April 30, 2022
Teenage Outreach Session 2

The outreach event was the second of the series of 6 this year. This event focused on girls only and aimed to discuss issues pertinent to girl’s mental health in relation to all aspects of their lives. This outreach incorporated use of IEC (Information, Education and Communication) material for further personal study.

The discussion began with an introduction of all 12 participants, who all were between the ages of 13-15 years old. The venue of the outreach was Baharini primary school. The session was full of laughter, giggles and jokes- making for good facilitation.

Topics covered included:

SELF AWARENESS: Self-awareness is the ability to monitor your own emotions and reactions. It allows you to know your strengths, weaknesses, triggers, motivators and other characteristics. Being self-aware means that you take a deeper look at your emotions, why you feel a certain way, and how your sentiments could turn into reactions.

SELF CONCEPT: Your perception of you….thoughts. Our thoughts are tied to our emotions. We must first understand our thoughts and thought processes, feelings and body.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: It consists of activities and goals contributed to personal development.

SOCIAL AWARENESS: The ability to understand the perspective of and empathize with others, including those from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

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