Our Community Water Project Continues…

With 11 piped system tap stands in place, our water project continues to provide clean water to children, adults, families and communities throughout Odisha, India.


  • 293 individuals lives are transformed with the gift of clean water.
  • 7 villages are now using clean water to drink, cook, bathe, clean and farm.
  • 3 non-profits joined together to make this happen: Promise Hill Project, Gram Vikas and charity:water.
  • 1 private donor provided funding for this project by making a hearty donation to Promise Hill Project.

We are humbled in knowing that every single day, people in India are thriving in so many ways- simply because they were provided access to CLEAN WATER!

Continued thanks to all who participate in this ongoing project, and to the private donor whose generous gift brought a single idea to fruition and smiles to hundreds of faces.

Mt. Sterling

OHIO_ Back again!

We love working with the Mt. Sterling Community Center- our Community Partner in Mt. Sterling, Ohio!

Together, we served 76 families, 258 individuals and 216 children with hams and grocery bags. A special thank you goes to the amazing MSCC volunteers and staff, as we could not have made this kind of impact without their hard work!

Megan Witteman, shown with the Easter Bunny, is the Mt. Sterling Community Center Director. The folks at Promise Hill Project are grateful to Megan for giving us the opportunity to serve those in need, time and time again!

We Are Back In Kenya!

Jacque Iveria Khabere, Promise Hill Project Volunteer and Social Worker, reached out to a group of adolescents in need on the Kenyan Coast. Through Promise Hill Project, Jacque distributed food, water, period products and underwear. Their special day also included a trip to a local museum and time at the beach.

But she didn’t stop there….

The ramifications of the global pandemic and life in lockdown proved to be too much for many Kenyan youth to handle. Lockdown life often lead to suicide, rape, depression and mental and physical violence within their own homes.

This adolescent outreach event provided 20 young girls and boys with a safe place to talk about things they experienced throughout lockdown. It served as an opportunity to build self-esteem while allowing them to relax, enjoy one another’s company, and just be kids!

We are so grateful to have such an amazing volunteer serving the needs of youth in Kenya. Thank you, Jacque!

Mt. Sterling


O-H-I-O! Home is where the heart is.
Promise Hill Project sponsored a drive-up food + diaper distribution for those in need at the Mount Sterling Community Center in Mt. Sterling, Ohio. Thank you to the volunteers who worked so hard to make this event happen and to EMusselman Photography & Design for the amazing photos!

Because we care

An apartment fire left a Mother and her three children with nothing. Promise Hill Project was contacted and asked to assist. We did not hesitate!

Promise Hill Project provided a brand new bed, mattress, and box springs to this family in need. We didn’t stop there! We went one step further by contacting generous private donors, who donated clothes and bedding.

We ask for prayers, love, and light for the mother, who will remain hospitalized for months to come with severe burns. Thankfully, the 3 children remain in good health.


Teamwork makes the dreamwork! Promise Hill Project was a proud sponsor at a winter giving event at Mt. Sterling Community Center in Mt. Sterling, Ohio. Locals in need received a Promise Hill Project Bag of Love filled with food and baby diapers, because home is where the heart is!


Pleasant Grove Generous Donation
Promise Hill Project hosted a community outreach event at Smile Kingdom in Pleasant Grove, Texas, where we served 100 families and individuals in need with non-perishable food, pineapples, potatoes and clean drinking water.

Thank you to #armbrust for the generous donation of medical masks, #elriogrande for delivering the produce, and #SmileKingdom for letting us serve those in need outside of your facility.

Water Well Project Announcement

Water Well Project in Mogotio Kenya
Promise Hill Project is proud to announce the partnerships with Giving Company and World Vision to fund and build a water well in Mogotio, Kenya!

Our piped water system provides clean drinking water and the prospects of a healthier future to 574 people in need!

A recent update from World Visions is as follows:

“We are multiplying the health benefits of clean water by addressing sanitation and hygiene in Mogotio- Magoi Community Water Project. Activities include helping people build and maintain latrines, promoting hand washing with soap, and establishing open defecation free communities. When combined, water, sanitation, and hygiene interventions can reduce child disease and death, support child protection and access to education, and reduce gender disparities”

Served 50 Young Females with Period Products

Promise Hill Project Fort Dobbs Period Product Distribution Program

Promise Hill Project was honored to partner with the Fort Dobbs Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution!

Together, we served 50 young females in need with Promise Hill Project bags filled with period products.

We are grateful that local healthcare providers, including Iredell Health System, Chapter Daughters, and the American Foundation for Suicide prevention also contributed personal care products and helpful brochures.

A special thank you goes to our Aunt, Suzan Tolle, for making this giving opportunity happen!

Distributed 170 School Uniforms and School Supplies

Promise Hill Project School Uniform Distribution
Promise Hill Project purchased and distributed 170 school uniforms and school supplies to youth in the OakCliff, Texas community.

We believe wholeheartedly that school uniforms make schools safer for students, create a level playing field that reduces socioeconomic disparities, and encourages children to focus on their studies rather than on their attire.

We are very grateful to our Promise Hill Project Ambassador, Patty Leal, for all of her time and energy put into this giving event!