November 14, 2022

Promise Hill Project was both honored and humbled to support the young ladies and women of Navajo Nation by donating 2426 period products!

Nicole and Lisa: Life on the streets for females in Dallas Texas

Nicole and Lisa are best friends, and are accustomed to living life on the streets in Dallas, Texas. Their daily challenges are more than most of us can even begin to imagine.

Extreme heat takes lives

Clean drinking water saves lives!

Kaleb Gibson: Singer/Songwriter

The folks at Promise Hill Project go directly into homeless communities throughout Dallas to provide basic needs of life such as toiletries, food and water.

Teenage Outreach Session 6

October 21, 2022

This outreach was the sixth of the series this year and the second one for both boys and girls. It was held in Retreat School Majengo. A total of 30 participants attended this activity. The weather was perfect for the first time. The school was picked because it is central and accessible to the road (easy to find). We had a spacious room and quiet space to conduct our activity. It was a joint activity with children from different schools and towns. It was vibrant, full of laughter and eager learning.

Teenage Outreach Session 5

This outreach was the fifth of the series this year. It was held in Matsangoni primary school on a Saturday. Promise Hill Project provided food, and a large supply of period products to each girl. The girls and 3 of their teachers were present for the discussion as required by the school. This was the third in a rural setting. The discussion began with an introduction of 15 participants who all were between the ages of 13-16years using the ball game. The activity was also the smoothest flowing so far because of more experience facilitating the handout with different groups of girls.

Teenage Outreach Session 4

This outreach was the fourth of the series this year. It was held in Takaungu primary school. The girls and one of their teachers were present for the discussion, as required by the school. This was the second in a rural setting. Promise Hill Project distributed food, one weeks worth of underwear per girl and period products.

Teenage Outreach Session 3

The outreach titled above was the third of the series this year. This was the first to be done in a rural setting. Participants were between the ages of 12-18years old. The venue of the outreach was BUSTANI BORA primary school in Tezo, Kilifi.

Teenage Outreach Session 2

The outreach event was the second of the series of 6 this year. This event focused on girls only and aimed to discuss issues pertinent to girl’s mental health in relation to all aspects of their lives. This outreach incorporated use of IEC (Information, Education and Communication) material for further personal study.

Feeding Event #4 for Great Genius School

October 14, 2022

The fourth of a series of a 5 month feeding program sponsored by Promise Hill Project took place in October. The economy in Kenya, as with other countries, has taken a drastic decline since the pandemic. We are grateful to be able to assist those in need in Kenya, as well as the United States and India, with the very basic needs of life. With the fourth event, 12,280 meals have been served.

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