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Back-to-School Events Success: Thanks to Donors and Partners

September 13, 2023

A huge shoutout to our incredible donors and partners who helped make the Mount Sterling Community Center's back to school event a success!

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Empowering Kenyan Girls: Promoting Health and Education with Your Support

Our hearts are filled with joy as we share with you that we have completed our third high school girl's event in Kenya dedicated to promoting mental health and period hygiene awareness. We met 23 bright and beautiful junior high school girls in Msumarini, Kilifi county. These lovely young ladies received practical and valuable wisdom about reproductive health, personal hygiene, mental health, more. What really touched our hearts was the fact that before the session, many of them hadn't had the opportunity to enjoy a proper meal. But because of your generosity, we were able to serve them warm and nourishing meals.

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Community Outreach in South Dallas: Thanks to Our Volunteers and Donors

We had another incredible day partnering with Love Under the Bridge!


We are stronger when we serve together!

May 14, 2023

We partnered with LoveUnder TheBridge once again to bring smiles and provide food and other essentials to their outside friends in South Dallas.

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Supported 40 people with 400 warm, nutritious meals

Promise Hill Project is providing warm meals for 27 females and 13 children at the Genesis Shelter and Support throughout March and April 2023.


This Easter, Promise Hill Project

This Easter, Promise Hill Project was able to provide holiday meals for 128 families in a small village in south central Ohio. Because of your unwavering support and generosity, more than a hundred families enjoyed a hearty and healthy holiday meal.

25 participants attended our first Teen Outreach event of 2023

March 30, 2023

Promise Hill Project Kenya held our first Teen Outreach event of 2023.  It was held in Ngangu Secondary school. A total of 25 participants attended this outreach. Participants were ages 15-18 years.

Shipped 5,234 period products and 630 pairs of underwear to Kenya

Promise Hill Project purchased and shipped period products and underwear to females in need at the Great Genius School and surrounding villages in Bamburi, Mombasa, Kenya.

Distributed ‘Bag of Love’ to 51 unhoused ladies and gentlemen

Promise Hill Project partnered with Love Under the Bridge during their monthly church service for the unhoused in South Dallas.

People like Dangini

December 21, 2022

Dangini is a wife and mother of two sons. Before her community received sustainable water points, her region struggled with high rates of diarrheal and skin diseases. Many families didn’t have their own latrines for safe hygiene practices, leading to contamination of available groundwater. Danigini reported, “We had to wake up at 5am and walk over half a mile to use the bathroom.” Most of her time was spent collecting water, which was especially dangerous during the rainy season. After investing in a piped system with household water points, everything changed. Finally, women had time to thrive; some even planted gardens. “We are grateful to have water in our homes,” said Dangini.

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