A Heartfelt Community Outreach Near Fair Park in South Dallas

December 11, 2023
Lisa Arbogast

We’re so excited to share with you that we teamed up with @LoveUndertheBridge again for another heartwarming community outreach near Fair Park in Dallas, Texas!

Our growing team of AMAZING volunteers came together and served our unhoused friends with a delicious meal from The Spaghetti Lady, fresh fruit, sides, clean drinking water, and more.

But that’s not all! Our unhoused friends also received a Backpack of Love filled with much-needed cold-season supplies like beanies, gloves, socks, Proof Culture shoestrings, and hygiene kits.

The day continued with an after party in downtown Dallas, where our founder, Lisa, personally reached out to our outside neighbors living on the streets. Lisa takes the time to sit down and have meaningful one-on-one conversations with those we serve. She gets to know them as the kind and genuine people they truly are, inquiring about their needs, listening to their struggles, offering support, and even giving out free hugs.

We also want to express our heartfelt thanks to our incredible partners and sponsors who made this beautiful day possible. You all are truly a blessing to the community, and your support helps us shine brightly.

A huge shoutout to:

Love Under The Bridge, 4imprint, Proof Culture (Sneakerhead), Costco, Walmart, Dollar Tree, Supporting a Kinder World, Amazon

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