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Teenage Outreach Session 3

October 21, 2022

The outreach titled above was the third of the series this year. This was the first to be done in a rural setting. Participants were between the ages of 12-18years old. The venue of the outreach was BUSTANI BORA primary school in Tezo, Kilifi.

As always, Promise Hill Project provided participants with plenty of fresh mango fruit juice, drinking water and lunch which consisted of chips and sausages; keeping their energy up!

The session was made interesting by use of practical exercises from the handout. The girls learned breathing exercises to help with dealing with emotions like anxiety, fear and anger. They also had the feeling meter exercise- where one holds the ball and says how they feel ‘today’ and can share why or choose not to.

Participants were then given tasks to do over the next four weeks and to fill out the handout while they self-search. Some of the tasks included:

  • What are my triggers:
  • What are my strengths:
  • My goals are:
  • Emotions I struggle with the most include:
  • Ways I can deal with my emotions include:

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