Teenage Outreach Session 4

October 21, 2022

This outreach was the fourth of the series this year. It was held in Takaungu primary school. The girls and one of their teachers were present for the discussion, as required by the school. This was the second in a rural setting. Promise Hill Project distributed food, one weeks worth of underwear per girl and period products.

The girls were jovial and participated a lot. Most of them were from very poor homes. They didn’t have access to television or phones, therefore our lines of discussion were more towards rural setting challenges. The discussion began with an introduction of 15 participants who were between the ages of 12-15years. The activity had been planned keeping in mind the weather was rainy and cold, therefore sufficient indoor exercises had been prepared. Methodology used included plenary discussions, enacting scenarios and practical trials of skills like breathing, decision making etc.

There are always those who really enjoy the sessions and learn the most and there are those few who do not grasp the concept until towards the end of the discussion. The more rural we go, the more creative we have to be in getting the girls to talk about their emotions, which is not encouraged generally in the rural African cultures, especially towards women and girls. Mental health issues begin with opening up to self and others about ones feelings and experiences, and speaking up about fears, traumas and areas one may need help to navigate.

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