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Teenage Outreach Session 5

October 21, 2022

This outreach was the fifth of the series this year. It was held in Matsangoni primary school on a Saturday. Promise Hill Project provided food, and a large supply of period products to each girl. The girls and 3 of their teachers were present for the discussion as required by the school. This was the third in a rural setting. The discussion began with an introduction of 15 participants who all were between the ages of 13-16years using the ball game. The activity was also the smoothest flowing so far because of more experience facilitating the handout with different groups of girls.

The event culminated in the giving of period hygiene products to 15 girls. There was an offer for the small packs and therfore we bought an extra pack therefore giving a supply of 3 cycles.The importance of period products in areas like this cannot be emphasised enough; it supports class/ school attendance during period days and inreases self esteem among girls of this age.

The introduction to mental health slightly differed and started with a translation of what mind, body, heart and soul are in Kiswahili. This was followed by attaching the functions to each including emotional/ heart, physical/body, mental/mind and spiritual /soul. Other terms that followed were:

  • Self-awareness and Self-concept
  • Social and social awareness
  • Security and safety

The methodology this time included group discussions for the 5 functions (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and social). The groups the presented their findings in plenary. We also practically tried breathing exercises and meditation. The session also included many ice breakers to keep the girls at attention since they have to take in a lot of information.

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