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Teenage Outreach Session 6

October 21, 2022

This outreach was the sixth of the series this year and the second one for both boys and girls. It was held in Retreat School Majengo. A total of 30 participants attended this activity. The weather was perfect for the first time. The school was picked because it is central and accessible to the road (easy to find). We had a spacious room and quiet space to conduct our activity. It was a joint activity with children from different schools and towns. It was vibrant, full of laughter and eager learning.

Promise Hill Project provided lunch and fresh fruit juice (passion, avocado and mango) and bottled water. Lunch was plenty and accessible this time because were near Mtwapa. Large plates of pilau and biryani were much appreciated.

Promise Hill Project distributed period products to 15 girls and one weeks worth of underwear to 11 girls. The delight on their faces was amazing!

The introduction to mental health slightly differed and started with a translation of what mind, body, heart and soul are in Kiswahili. This was followed by attaching the functions to each including emotional/ heart, physical/body, mental/mind and spiritual /soul. Other terms that followed were:

  • Self-awareness and Self-concept
  • Social and social awareness
  • Security and safety

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