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Dumkuli, India
December 21, 2022
People like Dangini

Dangini is a wife and mother of two sons. Before her community received sustainable water points, her region struggled with high rates of diarrheal and skin diseases. Many families didn’t have their own latrines for safe hygiene practices, leading to contamination of available groundwater. Danigini reported, “We had to wake up at 5am and walk over half a mile to use the bathroom.” Most of her time was spent collecting water, which was especially dangerous during the rainy season. After investing in a piped system with household water points, everything changed. Finally, women had time to thrive; some even planted gardens. “We are grateful to have water in our homes,” said Dangini.

Clean water brings health to communities once weakened by disease, gives children access to the education they deserve, and restores families’ hope in the future through economic empowerment. Promise Hill Project is honored to have been able to contribute to such an impactful and ongoing water project. 

Odisha, India
May 10, 2022
Our Community Water Project Continues…

With 11 piped system tap stands in place, our water project continues to provide clean water to children, adults, families and communities throughout Odisha, India.


  • 293 individuals lives are transformed with the gift of clean water.
  • 7 villages are now using clean water to drink, cook, bathe, clean and farm.
  • 3 non-profits joined together to make this happen: Promise Hill Project, Gram Vikas and charity:water.
  • 1 private donor provided funding for this project by making a hearty donation to Promise Hill Project.

We are humbled in knowing that every single day, people in India are thriving in so many ways- simply because they were provided access to CLEAN WATER!

Continued thanks to all who participate in this ongoing project, and to the private donor whose generous gift brought a single idea to fruition and smiles to hundreds of faces.

Promise Hill India Water Project
Promise Hill India Water Project
Odisha, India
August 20, 2021
Water Project in India Update

Promise Hill Project is continuously updated on the progress of our water well project in Odisha, India, constructed by the folks on the ground at charity: water. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has most definitely slowed our project. However, we wait patiently for a completion date soon!

The most recent update from charity: water

“Building sustainable water projects require thoughtful and thorough planning, and we’re excited to share that India Gram Vikas’s progress is well underway.

Water resource assessments and feasibility studies have been completed for all systems, and water sources have been identified. Boreholes are being drilled, dug wells are being constructed, and the water towers are nearly complete. The pipeline that will soon bring clean and safe water directly to homes and schools is also being laid.

India was under nationwide lockdown from March 24 until May 31, 2020, and then entered a phased approach. This approach allowed states and districts to issue lockdowns in hotspot areas.

Odisha has been under several partial and total lockdowns since May 31, causing implementation delays due to the government mandate that most program activities stop during total lockdowns. While in-person meetings and training are still on hold, Gram Vikas has recently been able to continue construction and other program activities.”

Photo credit- charity: water

Our First Water Project, in India!

Our first WATER PROJECT! Our first project in INDIA!

Thanks to a very special private donor, Promise Hill was able to fund our first water project, in India, through charity: water.

Why? Because clean, safe drinking water is a basic human right for all. Keep an eye out for updates over the next 21 months.

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