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Covington, Kentucky, USA
December 26, 2018
Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky
A big thank you to Susan Tolle for her compassionate heart! Susan donated a large supply of toothbrushes, tooth paste, and dental floss to Promise Hill Project! These items fit nicely into our Personal Care Program, and will be put to good use by men in need at the Emergency Shelter of Northern Kentucky.

Dallas, Texas, USA
August 21, 2018
Northern Kentucky Emergency Shelter

Promise Hill Project donated men’s jeans, underwear and shoes to the Northern Kentucky Emergency Shelter, through our Personal Care Program. This shelter houses 70% men and 30% women. Their winter program in 2017 served 589 people in need.

Mount Sterling, USA
August 17, 2018
OhioMount Sterling Community Center

Promise Hill Project donated shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and deodorant to the food and clothing pantry at the Mount Sterling Community Center, through our Personal Care Program.

Dallas, Texas, USA
Cathedral of Hope

As part of our Education Program, Promise Hill Project Board of Director/Secretary, Bruce Jaster, donated much needed school supplies to the Cathedral of Hope Annual Back to School Drive.

Shown Left: Bruce Jaster

Shown Right: Paul Kolasci, COH Administrative Assistant.

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