Year-End Reflections: Making a Difference Through Donations

December 13, 2023
Promise Hill Project year-end giving

As we approach the end of the year, it’s a time for reflection on the impact we’ve collectively made in the lives of those less fortunate. This year has been marked by transformative initiatives, bringing warmth, hope, and essential support to communities locally and globally.

Promise Hill Project is proud to share the incredible strides we’ve taken together with our dedicated donors, partners, and volunteers.

While we reflect on a year filled with impactful initiatives, we invite you to support the Winter Care Kit Fundraiser through the end-of-year donation. Your contributions will provide essential protection from the harsh cold to unhoused individuals.

Let’s end the year on a high note by ensuring no one faces the cold alone. Ensure that your year-end giving will bring a positive change in the lives of those in need.

A Glimpse of Some of Our Work and the Impact it Created in 2023

United States

  • In March, we distributed ‘Bag of Love’ to 51 unhoused ladies and gentlemen during their monthly church service in Dallas, Texas. It happened in collaboration with Love Under the Bridge—special thanks to the Spaghetti Lady and all involved for the generosity.
  • On Easter this year, we provided holiday meals for 128 families in a small village in south-central Ohio. Thanks to the unwavering support of our patrons, families enjoyed a hearty and healthy holiday meal. Special thanks to the Mount Sterling Community Center for their partnership!
  • In April, we collaborated with the Genesis Shelter and Support and provided warm meals in Dallas, Texas, to 27 females and 13 children, supporting those escaping domestic violence. We were honored to help 40 people with 400 warm, nutritious meals.
  • Partnering with Love Under The Bridge again in April, we served 100 meals and provided Bags of Love to unhoused individuals in Dallas. Special thanks to the Spaghetti Lady, our hardworking volunteers, and our generous donors for creating a wonderful day!
  • We held Community Outreach in South Dallas in May, teaming up with Love Under the Bridge. Our Bag of Love kits brought essentials to those in need. Nonperishable food, socks, personal care products, and homemade spaghetti created an amazing and memorable day. Our gratitude to lovely volunteers and generous donors for making it all possible!
  • In August, we held a back-to-school event in Mount Sterling, Ohio. We provided personal care products to 100 children and adults thanks to our phenomenal donors and partners. Each Promise Hill Project bag contained hygiene essentials. Collaborating with TerraMichelleHairCo, CosiScience, Sunny95wsny, and others exemplifies the power of community. Together, let’s continue inspiring dreams and spreading love!
  • In September, we had a heartwarming outreach event where we reached 100 unhoused friends, providing toiletry kits with dental care products, soap, shampoo, and essentials. Gratitude to volunteers, partner @loveunderthebridge, @4imprint for bags, and The Spaghetti Lady for meals and period products.
  • In September, we also collaborated with Aunt Flow, and donated a year’s supply of organic period products to Miami Trace High School, Ohio. The dispenser serves 350 high school girls, ensuring a focus on education without worry. Heartfelt gratitude and thanks for all the support.
  • In October, we teamed up with @LoveUndertheBridge to conducted a heartwarming community outreach near Fair Park in South Dallas. Volunteers provided meals, Backpacks of Love with cold-season supplies, and founder Lisa engaged in meaningful conversations with unhoused friends.


  • In March 2023 we held our first Teen Outreach event of 2023 in Ngangu Secondary School, Mwatate, Taita Taveta, Kenya. 25 participants aged 15-18 attended it. Each received meals, period kits, and panties. We are grateful to our volunteer, Jacque, for her expertise and compassion in Social Work.
  • In April, we shipped 5,234 period products and 630 pairs of underwear to the Great Genius School, Kenya, benefiting Bamburi and surrounding villages. Grateful to LincTech Global Logistics for ensuring safe delivery!
  • In July, we held our third high school girls’ event in Msumarini, Kilifi county, Kenya, which empowered 23 bright junior high school girls. Your support facilitated practical insights on reproductive health, personal hygiene, and mental well-being. We touched hearts by providing warm, nourishing meals to those who hadn’t enjoyed a proper meal before.


  • Our water project in Odisha funded by an anonymous donor in 2019 is operational since February 2022. In partnership with @charitywater, it provides clean and safe water to 293 people for drinking, hygiene, and more.
  • In November 2023, we collaborated with @charitywater, and brought clean water to Patamaha village, India. Piped tap stands now serve 56 people, providing safe drinking water and supporting gardens for fresh, nutritious food. Gratitude to generous supporters.

Apart from these, there were several other events. We also ran fundraiser campaigns for NTX Day and Giving Tuesday, and all of them made an impact because of the support of our patrons.

year-end donation
No contribution is too small to make a positive change.

Together We Can Make a Difference: The Power of Community Support

The diverse range of impactful initiatives undertaken by Promise Hill Project throughout the year stands as a testament to the profound influence of community support.

Each event has been made possible by the collective efforts of generous donors, dedicated volunteers, and supportive partners. It showcases the transformative power of unity. It emphasizes that no contribution is too small to make a positive change.

Every donation, act of kindness, or shared effort plays a vital role in creating a ripple effect that touches countless lives. It is a reminder that by coming together, even the most modest contributions can herald substantial change, instill hope, inspire dreams, and spread love throughout the communities we serve.

This Holiday season, you can do your bit to support us by donating to our three flagship programs – Basic NeedsPersonal Care & Education. Rest assured that all your funds will be used to bring about a positive change in the lives of the marginalized.

You can give monetary support, donate personal hygiene products, volunteer your time, share your work with friends and family, and amplify our voice. Do check out our Sponsorship Opportunities to help improve lives while getting your brand noticed!

Make a tax-deductible year-end donation to Promise Hill Project and make a difference in the lives of people in need.

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