Kenya projects
Mogotio, Kenya
September 14, 2021
Water Well Project Announcement
Promise Hill Project is proud to announce the partnerships with Giving Company and World Vision to fund and build a water well in Mogotio, Kenya!

Our piped water system provides clean drinking water and the prospects of a healthier future to 574 people in need!

A recent update from World Visions is as follows:

“We are multiplying the health benefits of clean water by addressing sanitation and hygiene in Mogotio- Magoi Community Water Project. Activities include helping people build and maintain latrines, promoting hand washing with soap, and establishing open defecation free communities. When combined, water, sanitation, and hygiene interventions can reduce child disease and death, support child protection and access to education, and reduce gender disparities”

February 10, 2021
Emurua Dikirr, Maasai Land

Promise Hill Project has personally waited years to be able to serve the Maasai Tribe- the most traditional tribe in Kenya. Unfortunately, due to the continued spread of Covid-19, we were not able to make the annual trip to Kenya to attend this distribution. However, Promise Hill Project is forever grateful to our volunteers- Michael Maura and Dave Muema for making this happen!


A total of 24 females were served with period products. They were mixed age groups- teens from 12 years of age all the way up to ladies over 50 years. The elderly ladies received pads to take to the younger ladies in their homesteads.

“Promise Hill Project cautiously continues to serve throughout the global pandemic. We hope that everyone continues to social distance, mask and sanitize – for your safety, for ours and for the safety of Elders, youth and the immunocompromised.” ~Lisa Arbogast, Founder

November 8, 2020
Majengo and Kanamai Villages

As part of our Basic Needs Program, Promise Hill carried out community feeding + economic household sustainability programs in Majengo + Kanamai Villages


In September, dedicated volunteers served 40 families, reaching approximately 250 people with food and supplies.


Volunteers taught women and children how to start small sack kitchen gardens from papaya, amaranth and tomato seedlings, thereby providing a ready source of vegetables available at home, even when they lack money and/or employment.


Hand sanitizer and masks were distributed to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

Thank you to our dedicated donors and volunteers for continuing to support the Promise Hill Mission in America, Kenya and India.

Ruai, Nairobi, Kenya
August 23, 2020
Shammah School

Fighting period poverty one step at a time through our Basic Needs Program!

Promise Hill provided period products to young girls in need at Shammah School in Ruai- Nairobi, Kenya.

OUR TIMING WAS PERFECT! The School Director noted that they had ZERO period products in house.

Promise Hill visited and provided them with just what they needed.

These young girls in need were genuinely happy and grateful.

We are so appreciative of the donors, volunteers and Elders who continue to serve our mission.

Bamburi, Kenya
June 27, 2020
The Great Genius School

When Promise Hill and a very special private donor funded the purchase of a Singer Sewing Machine for students at the Great Genius School last fall, the intent was that is was to be used to sew student uniforms and to teach sewing skills that could lead to lifelong professions. Since the onset of the global pandemic, it is now being used to sew masks in order to protect Kenyans from COVID -19.

At Promise Hill, we wish that all people across the globe engage in social distancing and incorporate proper face coverings into your every day lives, so that we all may stay safe and healthy 💚