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Embrace the Giving Season: Join Us for Giving Tuesday and Help Combat Homelessness

November 15, 2023
giving Tuesday

America’s  homelessness problem is not just a challenge; it has the makings of an acute crisis. Shelters across the U.S. are currently grappling with an overwhelming surge in individuals seeking assistance, with wait lists doubling or even tripling in recent months.

The number of homeless people living outside of shelters is on the rise, particularly those in encampments that have sprung up in parks and public spaces across major cities. Adding to the complexity of this crisis is the compounding  effect of inflation, which has driven rents to their highest levels since 1986, making housing unaffordable for a growing number of Americans.

The Hidden Homeless

While the plight of those who sleep on the streets is readily apparent, there is a group of “hidden homeless” who often go unnoticed. These individuals may reside in inadequate settlements like slums, squat in structures not intended for housing, couch surf with friends and family, or frequently relocate.

The term “hidden homeless” encompasses those who are struggling to maintain a stable and secure living situation, but their plight remains largely invisible to society.

The last global survey, conducted by the United Nations in 2005, estimated that around  100 million people were homeless worldwide, with as many as 1.6 billion lacking adequate housing.

This data highlights the gravity of the issue, and we must acknowledge and address the homelessness crisis on both local and global levels.

The Impact of Homelessness

The consequences of homelessness are profound and far-reaching. Homeless individuals often find themselves in a cycle of instability, struggling to secure basic necessities and maintain their dignity. They are exposed to increased risks of crime, violence, and the harsh effects of extreme weather conditions, such as extreme heat, which can have severe health implications.

Finding and retaining employment becomes a monumental challenge for those without a stable residence—lack of access to the internet and a permanent mailing address further compounds their difficulties.

Be a Glimmer of Hope this Giving Tuesday

In the midst of these grim challenges,  Giving Tuesday  emerges as a beacon of hope.

Observed on the first Tuesday following Thanksgiving, this global Tuesday giving day encourages individuals, communities, and organizations to come together and support causes close to their hearts.

This year, the day falls on the 28th of November, and it symbolizes the spirit of generosity and collective action, emphasizing the importance of giving back to those in need.

giving Tuesday donation
Embrace the giving season and join us in the fight against homelessness.

Promise Hill Project’s Basic Needs Program

The Promise Hill Project is committed to alleviating homelessness and providing essential support to those in crisis. Our Basic Needs Program aims to provide immediate relief to homeless adults and children in the U.S., offering them a ray of hope and a chance for a better future.

Your Donation at Work

This Giving Tuesday, donate to the Promise Hill Project’s Basic Needs Program and make a significant impact. Here is how you can contribute and support the needy.

Shelter and Food for Homeless Adults

For just $360, you can provide the gift of warm, safe shelter to 12 homeless adults for one night in the U.S. Your generous donation covers:

  • A warm bed for a restful night’s sleep.
  • Two nutritious meals to alleviate hunger.
  • Access to a hot shower for personal hygiene.
  • Clean clothes, restoring dignity and comfort.

Your contribution directly addresses the urgent and immediate needs of those experiencing homelessness, offering a lifeline in their time of crisis.

How Your Donation Fights Homelessness in the U.S.

By contributing to the Promise Hill Project’s Basic Needs Program on Giving Tuesday, you are taking an active role in combatting homelessness in the U.S. Your donation can:

Provide Safe Shelter: Your contribution ensures that homeless individuals have a safe and warm place to sleep, protecting them from the dangers of the streets.

Combat Hunger: Two nutritious meals satisfy immediate hunger and contribute to the overall health and well-being of those in need.

Promote Hygiene and Dignity: Access to a hot shower and clean clothes is essential for personal hygiene and can significantly boost self-esteem and mental well-being.

Restore Hope: Your donation sends a powerful message that there are people who care, offering hope and motivation for individuals to work towards a better future.

The homelessness crisis in America is a grave issue, compounded by recent challenges such as the pandemic and rising inflation.

Giving Tuesday provides a unique opportunity for us to come together, support those in need, and make a real difference in the lives of homeless individuals and families.

The Promise Hill Project’s Basic Needs Program offers a tangible way to address this crisis by providing immediate relief to homeless adults and children.

Embrace the giving season and join us in the fight against homelessness. Together, we can make a difference, one act of kindness at a time.

Help us break the cycle of poverty.

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